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If you asked me to pick my favorite food, I’d probably pick an amazing homemade cheeseburger. But then I’d quickly change my mind to some sort of cheesy Italian pasta. Then it might switch back to a juicy steak, followed up with anything barbeque…and oh yeah, ice cream! The point is, I couldn’t pick a favorite, but one of the above is our featured topic today  – BBQ in Cocoa  Beach.

Slow ‘n Low Barbeque is really the only BBQ restaurant in Cocoa  Beach fully devoted to slow cooked meat. Ever wondered how they got their unique name? “Slow” is how they cook their meat  and “Low” refers to the temperature the meat is cooked at. They believe in cooking everything they way it’s supposed to be cooked – never rushing to get it done!

They have a great outdoor seating area that’s generally always full. If you choose to sit at their bar area, they have trivia set up on the TV’s – take up a friendly competition with others eating nearby and let the best man win! Outdoor dining in Cocoa Beach is the best; nothing is more fun than getting friends and family together, enjoying fantastic food while relaxing outdoors in Florida!

So what’s on the menu? Well they claim to have the best pulled pork in Brevard County and I can proudly say I’ve sampled it on a couple of occasions. Is it as good as they say? Definitely. Don’t worry though they have plenty of other bar-b-que items like turkey, beef, chicken and of course a giant slab of ribs. Are you the only family member who isn’t crazy about bbq? Tag along anyways, Slow ‘n Low has plenty of other menu items available, including desserts. For those who are truly starving after a long day on the beach, there is their famous 6 lb pork sandwich – please let us know if you’ve actually conquered this thing!

Going head to head with Slow ‘n Low Barbeque is another personal favorite – Red Wagon BBQ. This mini Merritt Island restaurant may be serving up food from a trailer on two wheels, but trust me, it will leave you craving it at all hours of the day. Located by the intersection of Courtenay Parkway and 528, Red Wagon BBQ is a must while you’re in town!  Slow & Low Barbeque on Urbanspoon

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