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Posted on Jul 28, 2011 | 2 comments

Working along South Washington Avenue in Titusville, you see plenty of unusual things. When the first sign went up, we were all a bit curious as to what this Italian Fisherman II was all about. Not only did I picture a tall, dark Italian man dressed in a yellow rain slicker, but he was the second generation. Was that who would be cooking up my meal? Needless to say, I was intrigued and they couldn’t open soon enough.

Since this spot was formerly the Bus Stop Cafe in town, it didn’t take too long for the Italian Fisherman II to make the place their own and re-open. We have a variety of local Titusville restaurant menus in the work kitchen area so a few days after opening, we headed over to see if the food lived up to the clever name…and it did.

To make sure I got the  best sampling of food possible, I split the Seafood Platter with a coworker. Boy was that filling! Beings that we had an entire bag of to-go boxes, I’d say that we also got a fair amount of food. In addition to coleslaw and a heaping amount of fries, I believe this platter came with shrimp, cod, fried clams and scallops too. Since catfish is one of my favorites, the waitress was nice enough to let us substitute that for the cod. It’s the little things that can turn a one time customer into a loyal one, so thanks again!

Additional coworkers have wandered over to this little family restaurant in Titusville too. I’ve heard raving reviews about their Phillie Cheesesteak and Fettuccine Alfredo dishes! The Italian Fisherman is indeed the new kid on the block in Titusville, Florida and is worth checking out while you’re in town – they’ve got “the right stuff.” (couldn’t resist)

Have you ventured out to try the Italian Fisherman II in Titusville yet? Leave us a note below and let us know what you thought!

3434 S Washington Ave
Titusville, Florida 32780
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  1. Absolutely the best meal I’ve had in a long time in a Titusville restaurant!!

  2. Do not waste your money. Food was terrible. Ordered shrimp with garlic sauce and spaghetti, shrimp was overcooked and rubbery, pasta was mushy and not enough sauce, no real taste to any of it and it was cold. Ordered fried seafood platter with baked potato, potato was hard and undercooked, breaded fish was so thin and too much coating it crumbled when it was cut. The crab cake was cooked on the same flat top with steak because it tasted like steak and was cold. Not worth the money even with the certificate. Will not go back!

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