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I’ve always had a love for local restaurants. Contribute it to growing up in a small, Mid West town if you like, but I’m convinced the best food comes from hole in the wall, mom and pop restaurants or from traveling RV’s.

There’s something about discovering a new place that’s exciting, but the experience is magnified ten-fold when you absolutely fall in love with a place. If anyone is a follower of our local food blog, then you’ll know I’m 100% obsessed with Topper’s Creamery in Merritt Island. I have no words to describe it, it’s just utterly amazing. I thought no place within a 100 mile radius could even hold a candle to these guys until this past Sunday. I bet I drive by The Sweet Spot in Cape Canaveral several times a week, and every time I think, “Hmm, I need to stop in there still.”

Don’t do what I did. Do a U turn, go around the block, take a cab, parachute from a plane – you have to stop into this place and check it out yourselves.

The Sweet Spot menu isn’t you’re typical Dairy Queen. You might find a couple candy toppings for the kiddos, but the real treats are found in their Italian Ice and Frozen Custard. It was a typical August day in Florida this past weekend – you know, 98 degrees, no breeze and 700% humidity. So while the air conditioning felt wonderful, I wasn’t sure I wanted something sugary; that was until I was handed a free sample.

It was as if the heavens opened up and the dessert angels came down to introduce me to my new favorite food: Gelati. Perhaps some of you have had it  before, but lets remember where I just mentioned I was from. Where has this been all my life? After politely inhaling my free sample, you better believed I ordered a larger version – Mango Italian Ice with Custard, aka the Gelati on the menu.

The Sweet Spot in Cape Canaveral is a family owned and operated ice cream shop – and it shows. DQ doesn’t let you sample their new Blizzard before trying it, nor do they politely introduce themselves and explain their menu while you take it all in. The shop is actually connected to a car wash and they have a small traveling stand that goes around on the beach; they’re doing everything it takes to make it as a small Cape Canaveral restaurant so do them AND yourself a favor by stopping in to say hello and trying out their flavorful menu. It truly is one of the best places to eat in Cape Canaveral!

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